Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blog Assignment 9

What I've Learned This Year by Mr. McClung

        Mr. McClung discusses everything he learned his first year of teaching.  He begins by explaining how he was so concerned about how his superiors would judge his teaching that he forgot to realize the most important part     what the students were learning from his class.  I am glad he mentioned this.  It is definitely good advice for me.  I am very worried about how I will be perceived as a teacher especially since I have been getting graded all my life by my actions.  It will be hard to suddenly change that view and focus on my student's learning while balancing the reactions of my superiors.  However, that is what is going to have to happen.
        Mr. McClung then talks about how his "planned" lessons rarely ever went as he intended thus telling teachers that we need to be flexible with our lessons.  Once more, this hits home to me.  I do have many ideas and things planned for my future classroom and while I will not throw these plans aside, I really should not get my hopes too high because not all of them may work out.  Next, he explains that communication is the best way to solve problems and to never set outrageous expectations for students.  I agree with him.  Communication really is the best medicine.  Countless times when I am angry at someone about something and try to keep it bottled up, I become more irritable than if I had let it out in the first place.  When I finally do let it go because it is too much to keep in, I typically overdo it!  This only makes things worse.  So, I should keep this valuable tip with me and remember it for future times when I feel tempted to not share my opinion.
The Networked Teacher Chart
        He then tells readers to not be afraid of technology.  It is only there to help us.  This is true.  I am by no means afraid of technology.  I am up to date with the current gadgets and how to use them.  Where I do differ is that I do not think technology has to be used in the actual classroom in order to create a successful classroom atmosphere.  That is just my opinion!  Then, he urges teachers to listen to their students.  This is good advice not only because, like Mr. McClung said, you may be the only one who does, but because the students will respect you more and want to hear your lessons.  Mr. McClung ends his blog post with saying, "Never Stop Learning."  This was a great way to end the post.   If teachers teach they should also learn because students teach as well as learn.


  1. So if you ask your students they will say "Use more technology." I can guarantee that. Just ask Anthony! And if you listen to your students ...

    Thoughtful (as always), well written (as always), interesting (as always). That delights me!

    Last week Mr. McClung posted his third annual reflection. I think they get better and better. It will take only 5 minutes or so to read the 2010-2011 What I Learned This Year I highly recommend it!

  2. Hey Elizabeth! Great post, as usual! I can see that you will be a great teacher because you recognize a major flaw in our school systems. This flaw is that many teachers approach their job as though they are the source of knowledge and there is nothing that they can learn from their students. Mr. McClung learned to listen to his students not only for their sake, but for his as well!
    Keep up the good work :)