Sunday, July 17, 2011

Final Report on PLN

My Final PLN

        As you can see, I still do have some empty spots on my PLN.  I intend to fill these up as time goes on.  I do not believe a PLN is ever complete, but rather, a constantly evolving network.  However, I have added more websites to my PLN since last time.  These new ones are US National Park Service, SYAC, TED, Kahn Academy, The Learning Brain Blog, my own blog, Kirsten Lepore's blog, and John Spencer's blog.  Besides the US National Park ServiceKirsten Lepore's blog, and SYAC, every other website added are ones I have found through being in EDM 310 and have found useful and interesting to me.  I urge you to go check all these new ones out!


  1. Great report! This is what we were looking for! What has been your most useful resource?

  2. Thanks! I think The Learning Brain Blog has been the most interesting and useful to me. The Learning Brain Blog is written by this art teacher and his posts are so engaging and even though I am not going to be an art teacher, they give me some good tips and ideas for when I will become a teacher. In some of his posts, you can just feel the struggles he describes as if they were your own. His blog is not all about being an art teacher, but also the general way education should change for the better.