Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blog Assignment 15


  1. Hated you? Never! My goal was to get you to open your mind to alternatives. All alternatives. You have accomplished that. Oh, I forgot. PCs. Well, Bill Gates sends his thanks for your steadfast loyalty. Blog to us from Los Angeles as you purdue your movie making career. :)

    We are delighted to have you as a member of our team!

    Now you know what we really think of you and your abilities!

  2. Yeah I realized you didn't hate me very quickly! Well, Apple will continue to get my money when it comes to buying iPods so I'm not a complete Microsoft fanatic. That would be wonderful if I became good enough to go to Los Angeles for movie making! Probably just a dream though...

    Thanks for letting me be a member of the team! I can't wait to get started.